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You Will Never Be Good Enough

I’d like you to examine whether you are hard on yourself?

I realise this has different implications for people, so let me define what I mean.

1. For example, what is your inner dialogue when you make mistakes?

2. Do you criticise yourself saying you could have done better?

3. Are you aware of a critical inner-voice where nothing you do is good enough?

4. Do you strive for perfection?

5. Are you paranoid about what others…

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An Unrelenting Desire

In an ancient Greek fable, the playwright Euripides conveys a story of an army general who buries a large treasure in his tent, following his defeat in battle.

When the conquering general and his troops were unable to locate the treasure, they consulted the Oracle of Delphi who advised them to look under every stone.

The conquering general returned to the site where the tent was situated, ordering his troops to search under…

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Become An Observer Of Your Thoughts

How would you describe your relationship with your thoughts?

Are you someone that over-analyses everything?

Do you look for signs before you take action?

This is isn’t about ascribing blame but trying to understand our thoughts better. I used to over-analyse everything.

In fact, one of the reasons I began meditating is that I couldn’t fall asleep at night because of the incessant mental chatter.

I would analyse my entire day, which lead to worry, anxiety, and fear.

Can you relate to this? I’ve met…

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Running Away From Pain Our Entire Life

What is the cause of your emotional pain right now?

Is it something deeper, such as pain from a loved one contracting the Coronavirus or the uncertainty of the world we live in?

I know I’m being specific, since I’d like you to understand the root cause.

It requires looking inward and setting aside your judgements about what you believe is taking place.

Usually, our pain isn’t the result of what is happening but a residue of the past.

We tend to recycle the…

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Discontent With Life

Change is difficult.

If we hope to change a personal behaviour, save money or otherwise, the Gods of change are reluctant to smile upon us in the early stages.

Yet within our willingness to change lies the yearning for something more. Change heralds letting go of the tired, old and outdated to usher in the new.

It shows we have gone so far with an endeavour and must allow something new to fill its place.

Change is the process of life, despite the unknown…

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Something Of Benefit Also Comes With Its Problems

Are you always looking to the next chapter of your life because you’re fed up with the one you’re living now?

You wouldn’t be the only one, since many people are waiting for things to improve because they’re dissatisfied with the way things are.

But how much of it is perception?

Do things actually improve?

For example, those who win the lottery are worse off five to seven years later, according to statistics.

Most of them squander their winnings and are in more debt than before they won the…

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Fear Is Feedback

Fear defines us, whether we like it or not.

It establishes a foothold deep within our psyche where it spreads as the oppressor of hopes and dreams.

Not because it wants to, but because the energy it maintains is one of despair.

It is akin to a terrifying dream that never ends, only growing in intensity.

Fear is a dictator that grows louder because of the energy it receives.

What starts out as a voice of reason, can accompany us if we’re unaware.

Can you…

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Allow Life To Show You Endless Possibilities

It’s fair to say there are many things that hold us back from living a better life.

We are controlled by our habits or lack of them, our fears and the opinions of others.

This impacts our self-esteem and prevents us from revealing our unique gifts and talents.

Yes, we all have extraordinary gifts to share, even if they are unfamiliar to you.

Those who achieve extraordinary things, go on a quest to…

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Honour Your Emotions

To develop trust in ourselves, we should stop seeking the opinions of others and recognise the guidance within us.

Self-trust is harnessed when we follow our inherent wisdom, instead of looking outside of us to find inner peace.

We develop self-trust by honouring our emotions instead of hiding behind them.

Equally, we must distance ourselves from those who undermine our self-trust.

Some people are prone to push our pain buttons because it pleases them to see us suffer.

Whilst they can help us…

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Reframe Negative Or Limiting Self-Talk

I want to introduce you to an idea that may improve your life.

I know I’m making a big claim, which might seem unrealistic at first.

All I ask is that you read the article and practice what I outline for at least seven days. That is your commitment to test if this idea will work.

Don’t simply read these words and go about your daily life without taking action.

After all, I’m asking for seven…

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