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Self Love: The Only Ocean You Can Never Drown In

I want to pose a question that requires reflection on your behalf. Try to get a sense of what arises within as you contemplate its significance.

When the Buddha wrote: “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection,” do you suppose he was referring to self love, or perhaps more accurately, the love of the Self?

Be careful how you answer this question because it may be a…

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We Will Never Succeed More Than We Fail

How do you define success?

Think about your answer over the overcoming paragraphs, since our thoughts about success may not be entirely accurate.

For example, most people believe success is about winning and fewer failures, where in fact it is the opposite.

I was watching the American television presenter Steve Harvey, recently who said: “I have failed far more times than I have succeeded. You will never succeed more than you fail… That’s just not how it works. …

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Reframe Your Fear Of Failure

Consider your answers to the following questions: What does failure mean to you?

When did you last experience failure?

What lessons (if any) did you learn from the failure?

Failure may have different implications to people.

It can cripple some while for others it is the opportunity to…

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How To Disassociate From Fear

Consider the last time you experienced a fearful thought or emotion?

Think about the situation that caused you to experience it. Now, how did you feel twenty-four hours after the event?

Were you still experiencing the emotions or did your attention move to something else?

Fear is debilitating and can wreak havoc in our lives if we are unaware. …

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See The World Through A Different Lens

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

I’ve asked this question to many people over the years, and everyone has a different answer.

Some say life functions of its own accord and there is a higher power arranging the events of our life.

This might describe a deterministic viewpoint, while an atheist will believe the opposite.

One thing is for certain, we are on a journey throughout life that ebbs and flows.

Sometimes we get…

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Doing The Best We Can

Think of a recent situation, or as far back as you remember, where you experienced rejection.

Try to get a sense of the emotions you felt.

Was it: fear, shame, embarrassment, sadness or anger, etc?

I realise it may be difficult to relive these emotions because rejection can strike at the heart of our core self.

But I’d like you to use the emotions to empower you from this point forward.

What if the rejection was disguised as…

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Nothing Is An Accident But Results From Our Thinking

How would you describe your relationship with yourself?

Is it kind, compassionate and nurturing or does it encompass a critical voice?

It is important we understand the way we treat ourselves because it impacts how we relate to others.

I realise many people have been hurt, whether it be through childhood wounds or through intimate relationships.

We all experience pain and suffering at some point.

However, this shouldn’t mean we carry our emotional wounds and unload them on others.

Whilst we…

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Unconscious To Our Wounds

I’d like you to take a journey into yourself, as you read this article.

Hopefully, in that time, you will gain a glimpse of why healing your inner child is important to overcoming our problems as adults.

Many people grow up in less than optimal family environments.

Even if our childhood was ideal, we are likely to inherit trauma from generations before us.

That is why alcoholics face an unfair disadvantage, since they inherit the genes of their alcoholic…

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The Roadmap To Victory

You can fail and end up where you need to be because failure is not permanent; giving up is.

Countless articles are sprawled across the internet, advocating the key to success.

However, the conversation around failure is less prominent. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: failure is not as disastrous as people believe it to be.

Thomas Edison…

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Find Your Truth

The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard said that life is not a problem to be solved; it’s a mystery to be experienced.

Contained within that message lies a conceivable reality if we are willing to embrace it.

The principle underlying most self-help guidance is to surrender control on how circumstances will play out.

The need to influence conditions is an illusion, since we have limited…

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