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Life Can Change When We Least Expect It

I want you to consider that infinite possibilities are conceivable and life is anything but fixed.

Before we go on, I want you to reflect on moments throughout your life when a situation occurred beyond what you consider normal.

Perhaps it was a chance encounter of a love interest you reunited with after decades.

Or you were one of a thousand applicants in a job interview and were offered the position, despite interviewing poorly for the job. …

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Don’t Get Discouraged When The Going Gets Tough

Can you identify with the following situation?

No matter how hard you tried, your efforts seem to work against you.

Roadblocks, setbacks and dead ends stop you from achieving the success you deserve?

Don’t despair, for some of life’s greatest victories have come to those who persisted despite external conditions.

There is no finite, linear progression toward the realisation of one’s goals.

Success is achieved through a series of obstacles, challenges and smaller victories.

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Look For The Gifts And Lessons

Think of a current negative situation you are wrestling with?

It might be related to a relationship, finances, health or something close and personal to you.

I’m not discounting the strength of your emotions but inviting you to resist labelling the situation as negative for now.

Having endured countless challenges over the years, what seemed as a negative experience resulted in the greatest contribution to my personal growth.

Later, as the pieces of the puzzle came together, I could see how things were working perfectly for my greater good. …

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Seize Every Opportunity

When it became clear that the Master was going to die the disciples were depressed.

The Master smilingly said, “Don‘t you see that death gives loveliness to life?”

“No. We’d much rather you never died.”

“Whatever is truly alive must die. Look at the flowers: only plastic flowers never die.”

Tony de Mello’s fable underscores the message that a life well lived does not perceive death as absolute; it celebrates its meaningful existence. …

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The Search for Meaning

I want you to consider whether your choices are devoid of conscious intent?

Self-awareness is a key attribute humans possess, which distinguishes us from the animal kingdom.

The notable mirror test developed by the psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr. is used as an indicator of awareness in animals.

In the experiment, animals are shown an image of themselves reflected via a mirror.

If they recognise the image (often a marking is made on the animal to determine if they identify it), it is deemed they are self-aware.

Interestingly, children fail this test until they are 1 ½–2 years old. Therefore, self-awareness is the bedrock upon which we identify with our beingness. …

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Happiness Is A By-Product Of Improved Self-Esteem

I’d like to push you outside your comfort zone, if you are willing to take the test?

Ok, let us start with a question: Are you happy right now?

If not, what is the cause of your unhappiness?

You might not know and that’s fine, but how will you recognise happiness if you cannot distinguish being unhappy?

This is not about blame or judgement, but you consented to be pushed outside your comfort zone.

Shall we go on?

Do you make an attempt to step outside your comfort zone often? …

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Life Can Change At The Drop Of A Hat

I’d like you to reflect on the following questions and be honest with your answers.

Are your plans and goals materialising as you hoped for?

Are you happy with the quality of your life?

If not, what would you like to improve and why?

I realise these questions may be confronting for some, since you may not have given them much thought.

But unless we take an inventory of our life, we cannot expect to move forward positively. …

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An Inherent Negativity Bias

We often fear the worst of a situation due to an inherent negativity bias.

Our mind will give greater importance to our survival and happiness, and therefore whatever disrupts it is awarded more attention.

Can you identify with this narrative in your own life?

The mind’s negativity bias is an evolutionary system that has helped humans survive throughout history.

It allowed us to endure the external elements, yet it can also become habitual and a difficult mechanism to switch off.

We are habituated to expect the worst in a situation, and are adamant we’re right if the event comes to pass, and thus a vicious cycle ensues. …

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Life Is Hardly Predictable.

In the 1996 movie Jack, the lead character played by the late Robin Williams announces at his graduation: “Please, don’t worry so much. Because in the end none of us has very long on this earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day, make a wish, and think of me. Make your life spectacular.”

There is something memorable about that passage that drives deep into our hearts. …

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Victory Is Attainable

Two identical acorns from the same oak tree are planted in distinct locations.

One is grown in the middle of a dense forest while the other on a steep hill by itself.

The oak on the steep hillside is exposed to frequent storms and fierce gale winds. …


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